The Fogue Abode

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to the Fogue Abode, Christmas style.

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year.  Like most of us new home owners, growing our d├ęcor collection takes a frustrating long time.  But I tend to  spend just a little bit more time on growing my Christmas collection each year then Chris probably would like. 

So here is our third year, work in progress, home.

Right now, 75% of our Christmas decorating resides in our upstairs living room.  Since it is home to our fire place and Santa needs a nice and lovely landing spot.

I have really tried to keep this room in a Rustic Vintage Christmas theme. 

Our tree is decorated with burlap, wooden beads and popcorn strings.  In sticking with the vintage theme, I wanted to keep the colors central to Christmas, so we have a lot of green, red and golds. 

Moving on to our second tree,  I scored this $10 tree last year on an online Swap Shop which officiatlly took our house from a one tree-er to a two tree-er.  It's perfect for our family room.  Instead of using a traditional tree skirt, I stuck it in this galvanized bucket for a fun twist on vintage.  This is more of our family tree and has all of our fun family ornaments.  And a top hat to boot.  If you'll notice the bottom half is already looking bare, we are currently 3 ornaments short from what we started with thanks to an un-named little girl that roams the halls.

Last year, I also got this Merry Mail sign which holds all of our Christmas Cards we collect through the season.  This is one tradition I try very hard to keep alive in our home.  It's so lovely to get cards from those near and far during the season.

And over to my little corner nook, I have these cute little cardboard reindeer cut outs I found at Hobby Lobby.  I figured Aspen couldn't do too much damage to these.

And here is my dining shelf slash work in progress.  I found this Merry Christmas cut out at a vendor event last month.  But after a spill and a repair, he's not standing on his own very well.  I wanted to add some cedar behind him and now I'm just trying to figure out how to keep it standing.  This may be a project for next year.

Also in the dining room, I moved our coffee bar over to the butcher block.  I found this shelf in our attack, it makes a perfect Rae Dunn mug hanger for our Hot Chocolate Bar.  This is pretty much a family must now.  We love sharing homemade hot chocolate with visitors during the holidays.

That rounds out our growing Holiday House Tour.  I have succumb to the fact that lighting will just be crumby for the rest of the year since its forever dark when I'm home, therefore pictures are less than stellar.  I love everything about this time of year except for the time change.    

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the Side

After this past weekend, with Thanksgiving and what not, I felt like the side dish. 

I was the not so fun looking stack of green beans way in the back.  At least that's how I felt.

So where is this going?  Let me catch you up with The Abode's {BIG SECRET}, have you noticed that new Etsy badge on the side bar over there?  Well, I have teamed up with my mom and we started a side business.

I'm actually so pumped for this adventure, we are creating handmade wooden signs which are now available for purchase through our Etsy shop Bushel and a Peck Signs.  It has been a labor of love which has taken a lot of focus and creativity away from my blog.  But not to worry, I'm still around and still planning projects.  Like I said in this post when I was sorting out my feelings, it's just going to be more sporadic and full of some great projects.  (Like the guest room I'm currently 10 feet into.)


So why am I feeling like soggy green beans next to the delicious cranberry sauce and juicy turkey?  Just the highs and lows of starting a business.  We recently returned from our first vendor event and let's just say expectations were not met.  So I'm just sitting here drowning myself with the gravy boat.

Terrible iPhone Photo credited to Me

That's life and that's business so I'll dust myself off....
I seriously didn't want you guys wondering where I suddenly vanished too.  It has just been busy around the Abode building this adventure.

So with all that being said, make sure you check out our new Etsy Store.    FOR BEING LOYAL READERS, I'M OFFERING YOU GUYS 30% OFF YOUR PURCHASES NOW THROUGH CHRISTMAS!  Use Code ABODE for your discount.

Leave us feedback and let me know what you think of our signs and watch Etsy this week for new listings.