The Fogue Abode

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bloggy McBlog

Can I talk blog for a minute?  Great, thanks.

I refuse to be a victim of Blog Stat Obsession Disorder!  Also know as BSOB.  Symptoms include:
  • checking  your pageviews multiple times a day
  • obsessing over missing a scheduled post for fear of losing a single page view count
  • religiously documenting your blog stats each month
  • freaking about the perfect picture
  • booking your weekends solid of projects
I have been full time blogging 3 days a week for 9 months.  Do you know that's how long it takes to grow a human?  But I have seen no changes in my blogging stats. (which frustrated me)  Sure I've grown as a writer and photographer.  I've had incredible opportunities.  But in a world full of bloggers, its often hard to let your voice be heard.

I guess that's what I've been trying to do for 9 months, make my voice be heard.  I feel like I have been so busy trying to pump out 3 posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Because, if I missed a day, my already poor stats suffered.  I tried to make blogging my job, and it's not my job it's my hobby.

Well, I'm here to say that I refuse to be chained by these demands any longer.  I love my home and I love sharing about it and my family.  But from today forward, posts will be published when I have something to tell you about.  I have to keep the "hobby" part in check.

I want to produce useful and interesting content, not just filler.  I want my friends to appreciate what I have to share.

I still have a full list of projects I would love to complete and I will share along the way as I go.  But I do not like having my life run by what is blogable and what isn't. 

So see ya later blog stats, page views and visits, I want those that are here and loyal to get great content.  That means that I can't be strapped to the demands of blogging schedules and pageviews. 

Seeing as this is the first day of fall, it's appropriate to be turning a new bloggy leaf. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fogue's Do The Fair

How is it fair time already!?  While the end of September is creeping up on us, I wish the temps would creep down.  It may be fall (like tomorrow) but it certainly doesn't feel like it.

I will admit to dragging out the boots and fur vest last weekend, but it was a miserably hot weekend.

Back to the fair.  This past week was our local fair parade and fair.  While this was Aspen's 2nd year at the fair, there wasn't much to remember about the first year for her.

But this time, she had a grand ol' time.

We started out watching the local parade.  Living in a town with two college's, it sure made for a musical event.  Aspen loved the bands (and the chuice *juice* and fishies *goldfish*)

It was incredibly hot and muggy, but we ventured out to the fairgrounds non the less.  We started out by finding her picture in the Cutest Kid Contest.  She was super excited when she saw it.  She was smiling with all 5 teeth shining.

Then, we wondered over to the livestock.  She liked the goats.

I mean really liked the goats.

She liked the goats so much she wanted to give it kisses.

Chris was excited about trying out cotton candy with Aspen.  That was a big fat fail, she wouldn't even try it.  But me and Chris got to indulge on a childhood treat.

Before we left, we let Aspen pick a few ducks from the pond or rather kiddy pool.  When I think of fair games, I always think of the duck pick up and skeet ball. (Which they didn't have, what fair doesn't have skeet ball?)  Since skeet ball was out, Dad did a ball toss and won Aspen a gold fish!  Surprisingly, Nemo still lives despite the diet of brownie mix and a little milt *milk*.

That rounded out this years fair adventure.  We were both grateful that she was still too young to enjoy rides.  I guess we will rock, paper, scissor that task off next year.